The Vimy Expeditions by Peter McMillan

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Seventy-five years before, a brash young Australian pilot named Ross Smith, his navigator brother, Keith, and mechanics Jim Bennett and Wally Shiers flew a Vickers Vimy over this same spot on their way to becoming the first aviators in history to fly 11,000 miles from England to Australia -- an astounding feat in 1919. Barely 16 years had passed since the Wright brothers had lifted off from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, skimming just above the ground for only 120 feet.
Ross Smith and his crew were part of an epic race. Australia's flamboyant prime minister, W M "Billy" Hughes, had offered a prize of 10,000, the equivalent of nearly half a million dollars today, to the first Australians to make the England to Australia journey in 30 days or less. His aim was to draw the world's attention to his up-and-coming nation, whose soldiers had recently made a name for themselves on the battlefields of World War I.
But the race had a greater impact on the history of aviation, demonstrating the feasibility of long-distance air travel. At least one major airline, Quantas, traces its origins directly to the 1919 race.
But who remembers the race today?
VIMY will trace the history of the original aircraft and bring us to the replica that was produced to fly the same routes that the original flew in 1919.


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