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Only the Ocean by Natasha Carthew

By :Natasha Carthew


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Breath-takingly fierce, smart and tender, Only the Ocean is a story of survival, and courage in the midst of darkness that will thrill fans of Patrick Ness and Sarah Crossan.

The two girls sat at opposite ends of the boat and Kel dug and stretched the oars into the ocean like her life depended upon it because it did.
Just so you know, ' said Rose, everything, and I mean everything, is your fault. '
Kel Crow lives in a dead-end swamp with her deadbeat family and a damaged heart. But she has a plan to escape. It 's a one-two-three fortune story that goes- stow away on the ship, kidnap the girl, swap the girl to pay for passage to America and a life-saving operation.
But the ocean is an untamable force, and wrecks ships and plans alike -
Sweet, raw and uncompromising this is the story of an unforgettable relationship forged on an epic journey.