Marvel-Verse: Black Widow - By Marc Sumerak

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Black Widow is one of the greatest espionage heroes in the Marvel-Verse - and these are some of her most thrilling adventures! When the Crimson Dynamo invades Avengers Tower, a certain super-spy is on his trail! Spider-Man must beware the Black Widow in the classic tale that debuted Natasha Romanoff's most iconic costume! Then, the Widow is torn between her heroic partnership with Daredevil - and a place in the ranks of the Avengers! Plus, before there was ever a Black Widow, there was the Red Room - a brutal KGB training ground for assassins! Now, a deadly mission casts Natasha's mind back to her escape from the Red Room -and the unlikely ally who assisted her... COLLECTING: MARVEL ADVENTURES: AVENGERS (2006) 21, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963) 86, DAREDEVIL (1964) 99, AVENGERS (1963) 111, BLACK WIDOW & THE MARVEL GIRLS (2009) 1


Book Information

Format: Paperback

Published: 2020

Category: Graphic Novel

Pages: 112

Dimensions: 228 x 152mm


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