Kingdom of Lies - Kate Fazzini


Would you say your phone is safe, or your computer? What about your car? Or your bank?
There is a global war going on between hackers, security specialists, and law enforcement personnel. The next target could be anyone, from a global corporation to a randomly selected person. From Vladimir Putin's national hacking policy, to cybercrime villages like Ramnicu Valcea in Eastern Europe, to China's intellectual property theft campaigns, these are the true stories of the hackers behind some of the largest cyberattacks in history, and those committed to stopping them.
Kate Fazzini has met the hackers that create new cyberweapons, develop ransomware that can stop global companies in their tracks, and produce digital campaigns that sway popular opinion around the world. With shades of Michael Crichton and Philip K. Dick, COMMAND/CONTROL is a fast-paced look at the technological innovations that were mere fantasy only a few years ago, but now make up an integral part of all our lives.