I Am Justice A Journey Out Of Africa by Paul Kenyon


Eighty miles off the North Africa coast, a tiny fibreglass boat is sinking. The twenty-seven men crammed on board are desperately trying to bail it out, but the weather is closing in. Then one of them spots a ship on the horizon. They change course and head for their only hope of survival. But when they arrive, There's an unexpected reception.

The men end up stranded on hte floats of a giant fishing net as their boat finally rolls over and disappears beneath the Medeiterraean Sea.

Justice's journey began in Ghana, at the hands of his abusive uncle. Determined to make something of his life, he fled across the Sahara Desert, before being captured, jailed and tortured. After a time he managed to escape and headed for the people smugglers of Lybia, who he hoped would sail him to freedom and prosperity.


Book Information:

Format: Hardback

Published: 2009

Publisher: Random House Group

Category: Biography, Nonfiction, Journalism

Pages: 248

Dimensions: 240 x 160mm