Huey's Bloody Good Recipes by Iain Hewitson


As any professional chef will tell you, there is only one secret when it comes to cooking well. That secret is organisation.

With Clear step-by-step instructions and photgraphs, you will quickly learn how to organise yourself in the kitchen and, with ease, produce good food.

Once you have mastered the 50 Master recipes, Huey will introduce you to another chef's trick'. Because recipes are rarely more than variations on a theme, he will show you how to vary base versions, simply - using either the same ingredients, method, or if approriate, any leftovers. It's sure-fire guide to expand your cooking dramatically.

Book Information



Format: Paperback



Published: 2010



Category: Cookin, Non Fiction



Pages: 245

Dimensions: 25 x 19 x 2 cm