How To Defend Australia by Hugh White

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Can Australia defend itself in the Asian century? How seriously should we take the risk of war? Do we want to remain a middle power? What kind of strategy, and what Australian defence force, do we need?

In this ground breaking book, Hugh White considers these questions and more. With Clarity and frankness, he makes the case for a radically reconceived defence of Australia. Along the way he offers intriguing insights into history, technology and the Australian way of war.

Hugh White is Australia's most provocative, revelatory and realistic commentator on defence. In this age of power politics and armed rivalry in Asia, he opens the way to a crucial and urgent debate in Australia.


Book Information

Format: Paperback

Published: 02/07/2019

Category: Warfare & Defence, 

Publisher: La Trobe University Press

Pages: 336

Dimensions: 232 x 155 x 26