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How to be Good: or How to Be Moral and Virtuous in a Wicked World by Gary Cox

By :Gary Cox



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What is goodness? Is goodness achievable, and if so, how? If being a good person is a matter of doing the right thing, then what is the right thing to do? Is it acting rationally, promoting happiness, exercising moderation in all things or respecting the freedom of others, or is it somehow a concoction of all these abilities, wisely adjusted to suit circumstances?
In this instructive, entertaining and often humorous book, Gary Cox, best-selling author of How to Be an Existentialist and How to Be a Philosopher, investigates the phenomenon of goodness and what, if anything, it is to be a good person and a paragon of virtue.
Part easygoing exploration of the age-old subject of moral philosophy, part personal development and improvement manual, How to Be Good carefully leads you on a fascinating journey through the often strange and surprising
world of ethics.


Book Information

Format: Paperback

Published: 16/04/2020

Category: Philosophy

Pages: 224

Dimensions: 196 x 129mm


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