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Gold Rush The Discovery that Changed Australia - By Karin Cox

By :Karin Cox



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‘Gold!’ When Edward Hargraves struck gold at Lewis Ponds Creek in 1851, he changed the course of Australian history forever. Millions of ‘diggers’ from around the world rushed to the goldfields of Victoria and New South Wales to find their fortune. New towns grew overnight and many of the people caught up in the rush stayed on in Australia to change its social character. Who came to seek gold? How did they live? What were the key events,people and places? Gold Rush is essential reading for Australian history and includes: • rare and historical photographs of people and places • informative and clear text • quiz to test knowledge • glossary to explain words and terms • index

Book Information
Format: Hardback
Published: 2018
Category: Australian & Pacific History, Childrens reference
Pages: 47
Dimensions: 245 x 188mm