Gibsons 500pc Puzzle in Tin Sweet Memories 1970s


Gibsons 500pc Puzzle 1970s Sweet Memories in Tin

With the new decimal coins jangling in every purse or pocket, three pence bought a vast range of tempting goodies. However, inflation quickly pushed up prices, so by the end of the 1970s a chocolate bar was likely to be 5p or 6p.

Nevertheless, sweet shop shelves were groaning under the weight of exciting new products.

Amongst these brands were Curly Wurly, Buttersnap, Swisskit, Prize Double Decker, Ice Breaker, Amazin'Raisin, Nutt, Rumba, Welcome, Old Jamaica, Texan, Caramel and the chunky Yorkie bar.

This range was extended further with experimental variations like a dipped Flake, Caramac with minty fudge or fizzy Spangles.

Finished Puzzle: 49 x 34 cm