Gibsons 500pc 1950s Sweet Memories Gift Tin


Gibsons 500pc Puzzle 1950s Sweet Memories Gift Tin

A trip to the tuck shop in the 1950s became more rewarding when sweet rationing ended in 1953 in time for Queen Elizabeth ll's coronation celebrations, for which special wrappers were designed. During the time chocolate was in short supply, new treats restricted to products like Polo mints and Spangles (both arriving in 1948) and Bassett's Jelly Babies (1953). At the end of the decade a new era of confectionary brands was beginning with Opal Fruits, Picnic, Munchies, and Caramac. 

Even so, it was the old favourites that endured such as Maltesers, Aero, Kit Kat, Black Magic and Mars Bar - all of these were first launched in the 1930s.

Finished Puzzle: 49 x 34cm