Food Of Naples authentic Neapolitan cuisine by Johnny Francesco

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Focusing on the cuisine of Naples, the book contains a variety of dishes for lovers of food, especially Italian food. With tastes from the sea, and ingredients enhanced from the sun and the soil there’s something for every taste; seafood, slow-cooked sauces, succulent meats, simple sweets, and of course pizza for the pizza enthusiast. Food from Naples and the Campania region rivals that of Sicily and Rome for the top spots among regional food in Italy. Some of the best dishes are found in the homes of the Napoletani, where nonna and mamma make the dish using decade’s, if not century’s vold, family recipes, with each family having their own unique version of the dish. Food of Naples is a compilation of traditional family recipes and a reflection of “The World’s Best Pizza” maker Johnny Di Francesco’s heritage - his personal family influences intertwined with his culinary skills and recipes that have been handed down for generations. It is a true representation of both Johnny and traditional Napoli cuisine. This beautifully illustrated book captures an variety of recipes that contain a collaboration of authentic Italian flavours. The recipes focus is on being both simple and easy to follow for the home cook,. Food of Naples also includes some challenging variations for the more experienced cook.


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Format: Hardback

Published: 01/07/2017

Category: Cooking

Publisher: New Holland

Pages: 146

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