First Explorers Discovering the Great Southern Land by Karin Cox

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Imagine stumbling across a forgotten continent, a place like nowhere else on Earth, a place inhabited by strange hopping mammals, venomous snakes and Aborigines who hurl spears at your approach. You made it across vast, treacherous oceans and now that you’ve discovered the fabled Great Southern Land, you record its riches before you risk the long journey home. The life of an explorer was an adventure, as men battled thirst,starvation, disease, flies and mosquitoes in their quest to add their names to the history books. In First Explorers, learn about the first Europeans to map the coastline of Australia, as well as the more glamorous explorers who headed into the continent’s rugged, mysterious interior. Includes a timeline, quiz, activities, glossary and index.


Book Information

Format: Hardback

Published: 08/01/2018

Category: Australasian & Pacific history, Children's Reference

Publisher: New Holland

Pages: 48

Dimensions: 245 x 188 x 9 mm