Excel Mathematics Extension Revision and Exam Workbook Year 8


This is the brand-new Australian Curriculum Edition—a revised and extended edition with over fifty extra pages of work for students to complete.

This book will challenge and extend students studying Year 8 Mathematics. It has been specifically written to help students revise their work and succeed in all their class tests, half-yearly and yearly exams.

In this book you will find:

  • Topics covering the complete Year 8 Australian Curriculum Mathematics course
  • Over 170 pages of practice exercises
  • Thirteen Topic Tests
  • Four Practice Exams
  • Answers to all questions


1. Rational numbers
2. Integers
3. Indices
4. Percentages
5. Basic Algebra
6. Length, mass and time
7. Area, volume and capacity
8. Circles
9. Linear relationships
10. Equations
11. Reasoning in geometry
12. Probability
13. Statistics
Exam papers