Ensky Totoro PAPER THEATER BallAt the bus stop


Introducing a new series, "Paper Theater-Ball-", in which the world of the work is confined in a ball, from the paper theater made by stacking paper precisely cut by a laser.

Since a special capsule is included, you can decorate your work as a nice interior while protecting it from dust and dirt after completion.
Ball-shaped paper theater in a special capsule

・ Separate the
parts to be cut

Attach and paste the paste
・ Assemble
each part to be assembled.

The special capsule is transparent on the front side and semi-transparent on the rear side.
It is also possible to stack and decorate using a silicon pedestal.

Set contents: Kit parts, dedicated capsule, silicon pedestal, assembly instruction
completed size: Approximately H88 × W84 × D84 mm (* when the silicon pedestal is attached)
Material: Paper, ABS, Silicon
Difficulty level (5 levels): 3

Glue, utility knife, tweezers are not included in the set.