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Dirt Music by Tim Winton

By :Tim Winton



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Full of unforgettable characters, Dirt Music is Tim Winton's classic love song to land and place.

Georgie Jutland is a mess. At forty, with her career in ruins, she finds herself stranded in White Point with a fisherman she doesn't love and two kids whose dead mother she can never replace. Leached of all confidence, she spends her days in isolated tedium and her nights in a blur of vodka self-recrimination. One morning, in the boozy pre-dawn gloom, she sees, a shadow drifting up the beach below - a loner called Luther Fox, with danger in his wake.


Book Information

Format: Paperback

Published: 02/01/2013

Category: Contemporary Fiction

Pages: 480

Dimensions: 196 x 129mm