Debbie Melone - Clues From Beyond

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In Clues From Beyond psychic Debbie Malone seeks the truth about some famous real-life Australian crimes.  In this follow-up to her best selling book Never Alone she shares personal experiences with the spirit world, conveys messages from the departed and describes the ripple effects they create in extending proof that life and love still go on across the veil.

Debbie's extraordinary gifts enable her to look at criminal cases like the Rozelle fire and the death of six-year-old Keisha Abrahams, and connect the disappearance of Dorothy Davis with the convicted murderer of New South Wales woman Kay Whelan. She investigates unsolved murders, including the killing of Shane Barker in Tasmania and the 1974 Murphy's Creek murders, and explores the mysterious disappearances of the two teenagers Kay Docherty and Toni Cavanagh from the Wollongong area in July 1979, and Bob Chappell from his yacht moored in Horbart harbour on Australia Day in 2009.