The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough

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Treasured by readers around the world, this is the sweeping saga of three generations of the Cleary family. Stoic matriarch Fee, her devoted husband, Paddy, and their headstrong daughter, Meggie, experience joy, sadness and magnificent triumph in the cruel Australian outback. With life's unpredictability, it is love that is their unifying thread, but it is a love shadowed by the anguish of forbidden passions. For Meggie loves Father Ralph de Bricassart, a man who wields enormous power within the Catholic church ... As powerful, moving and unforgettable as when it originally appeared, The Thorn Birds remains a novel to be read ... and read again. 


Book Information


Format: Paperback


Published: 2005


Category: Fiction, Historical Fiction, Cultural Australia


Publisher: Harper Collins


Pages: 743


Dimensions: 118 x 112 x 47mm