Brave Enough by Cheryl Strayed

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I considered my options. There was only one, I knew. There was always only one. To keep walking. Across the world, millions of people have found life and depth in the words of Cheryl Strayed. Whether it has been in her bestselling memoir Wild or in her collection of advice on love and life, Tiny Beautiful Things, she has been a companion to those who feel alone, a balm to those who hurt, a co-conspirator to those who laugh, and a steel-toecapped boot to those who need tough love. In this courageous and glittering collection of quotes and thoughts, Cheryl Strayed shows that no matter if life is at its very worst, keep walking, and you'll find your way.


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Format: Hardback



Published: 2015



Publisher: Allen & Unwin



Category: Non Fiction, Self Help, Inspirational



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