Catan Scenario Crop Trust


Catan: Crop Trust is an engaging and fun game experience for the family that may lead to thoughtful understanding about the importance of crop diversity to our food supply. Here, we introduce simple, semicooperative rules that enliven and educate the Catan experience. Players must weigh their need to harvest crops against a collective goal to store and preserve seeds in the seed vault.

Developed in collaboration with the Global Crop Diversity Trust(Crop Trust for short).

The Crop Trust is an independent international organization whose goal is to preserve crop diversity in order to protect global food security.

When you purchase this Catan Scenario, Catan Studio donates a portion of the proceeds to the Crop Trust, and you help to strengthen the foundation of our food system.

Contents: 90 crop tokens in five diverse crop varieties, 41 event tokens, 4 crop storage records, 1 seed vault display, 1 fields hex, 1 number token "9" 1 rules and almanac book.

Requires Catan to play this game!