Garden DIY Water Features by C. Maton M. Edwards

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Nothing can beat the soothing, natural qualities of water when it is placed in a garden. Garden DIY Water Features provides practical, thorough guidance about creating your own water feature and offers a host of inspiring projects for you to choose from. Ideal for experienced and novice DIY enthusiasts alike, this book covers all the different types of features: pools, ponds, streams, rills, waterfalls, cascades, fountains, springs and spouts as well as miniature features. With 20 stylish and varied projects, this book caters for all tastes and budgets and enables you to create water features that you can enjoy for years to come. The stunning specially commissioned photography and clear step-by-step text make this book both inspiring and easy to use.


Book Information:



Format: Paperback



Published: 24/06/2011



Publisher: Murdoch Books



Category: Gardening, Non Fiction



Pages: 128



Dimensions: 290 x 215mm