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Braza Authentic Brazilian Barbecue - By Andre Felicio

By :Andre Felicio



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BRAZA is an authentic Brazilian cookbook packed with vibrant, traditional Brazilian dishes, with a strong focus on barbecue. 
Author Andre Felicio is a passionate chef and restaurateur who originally hails from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He gives readers a taste of an authentic Brazilian churrascaria, unlocking the secrets behind a great barbecue.
BRAZA features beef, lamb, pork, chicken and seafood dishes, as well as sides, salads, desserts and drinks. The emphasis is on simple ingredients and methods that result in meals with plenty of punch. There are also step-by-step instructions for building your own charcoal barbecue grill, using the right wood, having the correct tools, creating the perfect fire and buying the best quality meat. 
With stunning photographs throughout and over eighty deliciously authentic recipes, BRAZA will help you master the art of barbecuing in no time at all.



Book Information
Format: Hardback
Published: 2016
Category:  Cooking with meat & game
Pages: 204
Dimensions: 266 x 220mm