Becoming Wild: How Animals Learn to Be Animals By Carl Safina


Carl SafinaThe first humans learned to craft weapons so that they could hunt for food in order to survive. If this learning was part of human culture in the hunter-gatherer era then it is a part of chimpanzee culture, too. Evidence of culture, long thought the exclusive purview of humankind, is abundant in the animal kingdom.
Carl Safina travels the world to reveal the remarkable discoveries of leading researchers studying communities of creatures in the wild. From sperm whales in Dominica, who can communicate with twenty-two different codas, to dolphins in the Bahamas who learn to babysit one another, these are elements of life on Earth largely unexplored. The Nurture in Nature enriches our understanding of the creatures with whom we share this planet, eroding the boundaries that stand between us.


Book Information

Format: Hardback

Published: 2016

Category: Animals and Nature

Pages: 384

Dimensions: 239 x 164 mm

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