Art Maker - Creative Lettering Master Class


Art Maker  Creative Lettering Master Class

Bursting with innovative inspiration, Creative Lettering Masterclass will have you illustrating beautiful letters, words and phrases in no time at all! Created in collaboration with professional hand-letterers, this instructional guide includes hand-lettering alphabets, exercises, and fun projects for beginners and experienced letterers alike.

The 64-page instructional book introduces you to all the hand-lettering essentials, including tools, techniques and terminology. Master a range of medieval, vintage and retro alphabets and discover fun lettering projects with step-by-step instructions and practice grids, as well as handy insider tips and tricks. Then, take your lettering to the next level with advanced design and composition ideas! 

What's Included

  • 64-page instructional book
  • 32-page sketchpad
  • 6 dual-tipped lettering pens
  • mechanical pencil
  • eraser shield
  • eraser