Excel Study Guide - Advanced Mathematics Years 9-10


The Excel Advanced Mathematics Study Guide Years 9–10 is essential for all students who want to Excel at Maths. This comprehensive book both supports and challenges students by providing tools to explain important mathematical concepts and giving ample opportunity to practise at a variety of levels. This study guide contains full coverage of:

  • the Years 9, 10 and 10A Australian Curriculum Mathematics courses
  • the Stages 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 NSW BOSTES Mathematics courses

Excel Advanced Mathematics Study Guide Years 9–10 contains:

  • Explanations of important concepts with Examples and Worked Solutions
  • Checklists at the end of each chapter with page references to explanations
  • Plenty of Exercises in the Practise Practise sections at the end of each chapter with page references to explanations; Answers and Worked Solutions are provided
  • Two levels of timed Tests (Intermediate and Advanced) at the end of each chapter; Worked Solutions and a marking system that gives feedback are provided
  • Two levels of timed Sample Exam Papers that cover the work for Year 9 and 10 Advanced Mathematics and provide preparation for final examinations; Worked Solutions are provided
  • A comprehensive Index


How to use this book
1 Financial Mathematics
2 Algebraic Techniques
3 Surds and Indices
4 Equations
5 Linear Relationships
6 Non-linear Relationships
7 Rates and Proportion
8 Pythagoras and Trigonometry
9 Measurement
10 Geometry
11 Statistics
12 Probability
13 Polynomials
14 Functions and Logarithms
15 Circle Geometry
Sample Examinations
Answers and Worked Solutions