A Steve Parish Kids Story Book Desmond the Death Adder


Desmond the Death Adder is not too popular among the other desert animals because of the dirty tricks he plays on them. Finally, the others come up with a plan to foil Desmond. Themes include features of survival, camouflage, team work and adaptations. 

This Story Book features:

A glossary of technical or tricky words.
Factual information about the death adder.
A fact-file of the survival features of the death adder.
Two free downloadable worksheets.
Australian Science Curriculum links.
Stunning Australian photography.

About the Series: The Steve Parish Reptiles & Amphibians Story Book range was written by award-winning author and primary school science teacher Rebecca Johnson, who has written more than 60 books for children. Her Steve Parish Insect story book range won the 2014 Whitley Award for Best Children's series.

Reading Level 23