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500 Self-Portraits - By Julian Bell

By :Julian Bell



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The challenge of interpreting and re-creating their own likenesses has proven irresistible to artists throughout the ages. This expanded and redesigned book presents a selection of powerfully evocative works by many of the world's greatest artists - from Durer and Rembrandt, to Marina Abramovic , David Hockney, and Cindy Sherman - working in painting, photography, sculpture, and performance. Flowing in a chronological sequence, with interspersed artist quotes, it features essays by Julian Bell and self-portraiture expert Liz Rideal. This is both a useful resource and a thoughtful celebration of a much loved art form.


Book Information:

Format: Hardback

Published: 2018

Category: Art 

Pages: 588

Dimensions: 193x 128mm

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