Puzzles FAQ

Puzzles FAQ

Puzzles FAQ

CANBERRA -- With the ongoing spread of the novel coronavirus, Canberran's are spending more time indoors. For many, this has sparked a newfound interest in an old pastime. Puzzles!

We get a lot of questions about our extensive range of puzzles for sale both in store and online so we thought it would be good to put all our answers on one page!

Q: Is it true Ravensburger are the most popular? and that they are no longer taking online orders in some countries?

A: Our best sellers are our Ravensburger puzzles. Due to some closures around the world, stock is very limited.

Q: Why are Ravensburger Puzzles so popular?

A: Ravensburger puzzles are really popular at the moment due to their new releases and extensive range. Our most popular Ravensburger puzzles are the villaneous range.

Q: Some puzzles don't have the picture you are trying to put together on the box, instead thay have the scene before the puzzle picture itself. How does that work?

A: It encourages people to use their imagination, they've been so popular that we've sold out!

Q: What are some other popular puzzle manufacturers?

A: Gibsons, Clementoni, Heye, CeacoHoldson, Blue Opal

Q: Do you have puzzles suitable for adults

A: We've got puzzles suited for all ages! Some of our more challenging puzzles are the puzzles that are upwards of 3,000+ pieces.

Q: Whats the biggest puzzle you stock in terms of number of pieces or size?

A: Our Mickey Mouse puzzles would be the largest we have currently, it's 40,320 pieces!